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First MMT Talking Point Identified!

June 15, 2011 Comments off

Mike Norman has a great new quote up from Warren Mosler.

“All government spending is printing money. And all taxation and spending reductions are ‘un-printing’ money.”

I think this qualifies for our first talking point over here at the Traders Crucible!  You’ll see up on top, right in front of the Wall of Shame, the new Page “Talking Points.”  This page will be a warehouse of ways to talk about how we can fix the economy with better understanding of how it works.

Over time, this page will become a good resource for the entire MMT community.  We need good ways to convey the messages, ways that are truthful, easy to understand, and convincing.

I thought about appropriating about 80% of Mike Normans recent Television interview – it was that good.


High Fiber: Find out why your broadband stinks Friday night

May 12, 2011 Comments off

Ever wonder why your broadband is so sloooow?   Well, you aren’t the only one.

Rick Karr is an top notch investigative journalist – he’s done pieces with Bill Moyers, great video pieces for Engaget, and tons of radio for NPR.  If you were listening to NPR on 9/11, you definitely heard him-  he was reporting live from NYC for NPR during that tragic day.

Rick’s been covering the problems with the internet here in the U.S. for a decade now.  He has a new documentary out on why the internet stinks in the U.S. when compared to the rest of the world.  There are reasons we have low broadband speed and high prices.  You probably won’t be to happy when you find out those reasons, and you’ll probably feel ripped off.

His new video piece on our internet problems is called “High Fiber”. It’s on PBS’s “Need to Know” tomorrow night, Friday May 13.

In New York, “Need to Know” airs Friday evening at 8:30. The piece should air at around 8:40.

In other markets, please “check local listings”, as they say.

Elsewhere in the world, please look for the piece online — as of Saturday — at

Fortunately for me, we’ve been dear friends for decades.  I’d be a pauper if I owed him for every time…  🙂

[Update:  added the photo, and changed the title once I realized it pushed the payoff forever into the future]

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