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Keynes And Hayek Reconciled. Impossible! Maybe Not…

November 5, 2010 Comments off

Can we reconcile Hayek and Keynes? This Guardian Op-Ed says yes.

Beyond Keynes and Hayek

He makes it sound so easy.   Maybe it is…

RE: Ideas in the article.  Stamped money and mopping up savings – these are interesting ideas – and they would make a difference.

But, I know 50% of american wage earners make less than $27,000 $26,300 a year. So a much simpler idea pops into my mind: The Payroll Tax Holiday.

50% of the U.S. population wouldn’t require any stamped money to spend it immediately.

But the Keynes-Hayek reconciliation!  I think the would rather burn themselves like a buddist monk than reconcile!

Did I mention that 50% of U.S. wage earners make less than $26,300?

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