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Demand Causes Hiring: Meme starting to catch on with important people

July 4, 2011

Hey!  Remember how we were going to try and start a meme about demand causing hiring?

Here is the meme:

Corporations hire when they are swamped with demand, not when they have high profits.   

Well- it turns out that this idea is starting to catch on!  Lots of people are waking up to the fact that if we want more people working, we need to do something about demand.

Here is the murderers row of people who are picking up on this idea:

Paul Krugman is a big hitter, and he goes through the logic:

These aren’t abstruse points. On the contrary, the fact that corporations aren’t investing as much as they could has become a major right-wing talking point, with repeated claims that companies are holding back because of political uncertainty. Actually, they’re holding back because they don’t see enough consumer demand — but in any case, cash is not the problem.

So repeat after me: lack of cash at major corporations, both financial and nonfinancial, is not the problem with our economy. And showering more cash on these players will do nothing except, well, shower cash on these players.”

Those italics are mine, but the meme belongs to the world now.

Remember, we are trying to change the debate here with a new meme, and it seems to be catching on.  Sometimes, ideas are just of the moment – but a little push can help.

Just a few short weeks ago, nobody was thinking or talking about this at all.  Now, it’s everywhere.  I like to think that we had a small, but non-trivial, part in getting this idea going.

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  1. wh10
    July 4, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    Nice job TC!

    Do you have any connections with politicians or influential academics/policy makers? Do you think they see this blog? Do you think these people have even heard of MMT?

  2. TC
    July 5, 2011 at 10:34 am

    I think that some people read Steve Randy Waldman’s twit where he repeated the meme. He has smart people read him. PK and MY read SRW, and they follow his tweets.

    Also, Mike Norman and Tom Hickey have been very helpful.

    It was an idea that doesn’t need much pushing to get out there, because everyone was kinda thinking it already. I doubt I had much influence in getting it started, but in things like this, every little bit helps.

    I wrote this post just to have another excuse to repeat the idea!

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