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Peak Grover Norquist?

June 7, 2011

Grover Norquist is likely to be far less powerful.  Here is something from my last post that I want to expand a bit.

For example – Grover Norquist is currently a very powerful person.  But as it becomes widely recognized that Grover Norquist believes in unicorns, he will become much less powerful.  His entire career is built on making people believe something that cannot be true.  Take away the potential for default, and the obsession with trying to make the government smaller through a U.S. default does not make sense at all. It’s like going around claiming the sky is falling or something equally preposterous. Grover Norquist will be a much less powerful person in the near future.  He has reached his apex of power, and in 5 years, his message will seem anti-U.S., because his basic framework will be recognized as factually incorrect.

It is impossible to lead a fight against taxation as being bad when the most people accept that the government is not spending constrained, but rather inflation constrained.

The U.S. government is not spending constrained and this idea is rapidly becoming conventional wisdom.  When John Boehner starts to say “The U.S. cannot default.”, the days of an anti-government, anti-spending crusader are numbered, no matter how funny the guy is.

When the debate moves to inflation rather default, the idea that lower taxes are usually good will become far less contentious.  This too will be accepted as conventional wisdom.

Mr. Norquist’s major idea is to keep his party pushing for tax cuts, but to blame democrats for spending. But in the new world where everyone recognizes default is impossible, the backlash from spending will become much smaller.  His entire strategy to push for republican dominance over the political process loses is animating force, because the backlash from spending won’t be that great.

So he changes from a visionary, to a hard money crank.   But that doesn’t sell very well in the homeland over any 10 year period.

  1. June 13, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Norquist is my least favorite, the least intelligent, and the ugliest Grover I know.

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