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Wall Of Shame – Suggestions Welcome!

May 19, 2011

I started up a Wall of Shame, where I am collecting quotes from supposed experts who make the claim the U.S. (or any other nation that issues its own fiat currency) can default on its debt.

Default has a specific meaning.  These experts that I list are clearly misinformed about how our monetary system works, and are misinforming the public.

Here is a link to the Wall of Shame.  In general, I will not include entire publications, unless the publication is really adamant about how the U.S. must default and say it over and over. Zerohedge – well, they probably have an article about the U.S. not being able to sell bonds at the end of QE II about 4 times a week, then assorted other claims about the bankrupt U.S. ( and Japan, and ect…) sprinkled into the mix.  Zerohedge makes the cut.

[Update: I almost forgot!!!  Accepting Suggested Candidates for the Wall of Shame in the comments!  Put your worst quotes and offenders there – and we can debate their worthiness to be forever inscribed upon the wall.  ]

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