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Fighting the Hyperinflation Hoax – and Winning!

April 19, 2011

The post, “ShadowStats: Still Very, Very, Very Wrong” has been receiving consistent hits from the search “Shadowstats”. A quick investigation shows- We’ve made the front page of searches for “Shadowstats”!

That means some random people are clicking to find out that our inflation rate is only 2-3%, and are getting disabused of the 10% hyperinflation hoax.

Bonus: They get an exposure to Functional Finance and MMT.

We could probably get higher in the rankings – hint, hint, hint… 🙂

Shadow Government Statistics just does not match reality.

[Update: It turns out that a search for “shadowstats 10% inflation”, Traders Crucible is 2 and 3 in Googles search.  This “10% Inflation!” was a big story a few days ago, and gets repeated endlessly on places like zerohedge and other bond vigilante wanna-be places. Fighting the good fight here at TC.]

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