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Honeywell CEO: I am terrified of vampires

March 31, 2011

I hate to even give a title like this to the blog post, but it is true.  The CEO of Honeywell – who is probably a really smart guy and a MBA – is terrified of something that doesn’t exist.

From Bloomberg:

“It’s impossible, because what’s happening is we have the baby boomer generation retiring,” Cote said in an interview that will air on Bloomberg Television’s “Conversations With Judy Woodruff” this weekend. “And there’s not enough people paying into the system. We will literally crush the system.”

Once we understand that insolvency is impossible, then we can move on to real debates over inflation and employment.

But until then, we have to deal with putting the kids to bed while they are terrified of monsters under the bed.  Anyone who has ever raised a kid knows that while the monsters are not real, those fears are 100% real. A kid afraid of  monsters will cry and shake from fear – they are terrified.

The statement by David Cote is earnest and heartfelt, and he truly believes he is doing the best for his company and country by pointing out “We will literally crush the system.”

Believing in the impossible does not make it true, but it does make us poorer.

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