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Japan – How can we help?

March 14, 2011

I do not have many good ways to help Japan.  I can only send my thoughts and prayers to them right now.

Now is the time to spend, spend, spend.  The is the worst crisis since WWII for Japan – and here is to hoping they react with a boat load of government spending to help as much as governments can.

In many ways, this disaster gets to the core responsibility of government – insuring against the uninsurable.  War and large natural disasters are both occurrences that cannot be readily or easily prepared for by single individuals.  And the “Black Swan” nature (low probability, high impact) of them precludes reasonable insurance pricing – it’s too expensive to purchase, or will bankrupt any private reinsurers if fully covered and a truly bad situation hits.

So it is up to government – which in any case is just people working together.

God bless, Japan.  We’re with you, and may your worst fears remain only fears, and not become reality.

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