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Links 1-27-2011

January 27, 2011

  1. Moody’s Assumed 4% Annual Home Price Rises in Bond Rating Model – Bloomberg
  2. In Norway, Start-ups Say Ja to Socialism:
  3. Stagflation: BoE cheers | money supply | News, data and opinions on market-moving economics from the Financial Times – FT.com
  4. The German consumer mood | money supply | News, data and opinions on market-moving economics from the Financial Times – FT.com
  5. America’s Middle Eastern Puppet Regimes Are Falling Like Dominoes → Washington’s Blog
  6. A Physicist Turns the City Into an Equation – NYTimes.com
  7. Apple
  8. Fed Likely to Press On With QE Even as Business Lending Rises – Bloomberg
  9. Businessmen Regret Leaving Merkel in Peril Over Euro’s Benefits – Bloomberg
  10. Obama Spending Drive Will Suffocate Job Growth: Amity Shlaes – Bloomberg Yeah right.
  11. U.K. Economy Unexpectedly Shrinks as Cold Hits Services – Bloomberg
  12. Wall Street Partying in Davos as Bankers Overcome Crisis – Bloomberg
  13. And Now, For The Real Sh$% Show… Life Insurance Companies v Countrywide, Mozilo, Bank of America, et al « Foreclosure Fraud – Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge.  Thesis of “BAC exposed to massive charges due to fraud” getting more proof everyday.
  14. Drunk scientists pour wine on superconductors and make an incredible discovery: Hell yeah!
  15. BUSTED: Texas Was The #1 Stimulus Moocher
  16. A gentler and more logical economics « Blog Archive « Dan Ariely
  17. Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion (w/ Video):  Color me skeptical. only proof is on free energy sites.  I loved these magazines and then sites back in the day – pseudoscience, ufos, cults, and fringe beliefs always got my attention, and this stinks of pseudoscience.  Freaky, true story: I made a call to a very strange free energy guy, and that night the strangest car I’ve ever seen – ALL black, huge, brand new, without any model or make identifiers, weird federal government license plates, and a freaky bumper sticker that said something like “I kill people” parked outside my apartment!  It looked like the move bad guy cars.  This cold fusion could be true, most likely isn’t true.
  18. China Financial Markets » The real cost of Chinese NPLs
  19. Super-Cycle Leaves No Economy Behind Before Davos Summit – Bloomberg Wow!  We’re gonna be rich!
  20. Faulty Foreclosure May Mean Massachusetts Buyer Isn’t Owner – Bloomberg
  21. World needs $100 trillion more credit, says World Economic Forum – Telegraph
  22. Banks Halting Foreclosures in Parts of Florida « naked capitalism
  23. The New Federal Reserve 1-10-11 | Institute for New Economic Thinking
  24. BMW, Audi Expand Factories as Record Sales Constrain Capacity – Bloomberg
  25. IAS 107: Reading: Jared Diamond’s Provocation: The Invention of Agriculture as a Big Mistake – Grasping Reality with Both Hands
  26. Robert Skidelsky – The relevance of Keynes:  This guy is great.  I am going to start reviewing Keynes General theory along side of Mises Human action.
  27. interfluidity » Endogenize ideology:


Why do I get the feeling that if Mises was an engineer, he would refuse to build bridges because gravity is a strong force, and steel eventually rusts if you don’t take care of it?

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  1. Rufus Blooter
    January 28, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Love the Norway startups article.

    “in terms of actual start-up activity, our country has fallen behind not just Norway but also Canada, Denmark, and Switzerland.”

    So US is being out-entrepreneured by countries with higher regulatory burdens and (mostly) higher taxation. Interesting.

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