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Fat Fingers: Links 1-18-2011

January 18, 2011

  1. Thousands of Sports Fans Drunk After Football, Baseball Games – Bloomberg: Seems more like an Onion headline, but found this on Bloomberg
  2. Treasury Fat Finger? | zero hedge: I was a bit shocked at the selloff this AM, this could be a possible reason.
  3. Tradeweb Denies Fat Finger Rumors | zero hedge: or not.  Maybe someone had to sell 100,000 futures in a hurry.
  4. Fed Officials Signal Growth Pickup Won’t Alter Bond Purchases – Bloomberg:
  5. Ripple effect of mortgage changes may slow economy – The Globe and Mail: Goodbye, Canada housing bubble.
  6. Watch the Watson Computer Kick Jeopardy’s Ass (video): IBM executives claim it could read all of the world’s medical files in a few seconds.
  7. YouTube – IBM’s Watson AI Jeopardy practice match: Terrifying.  At some point really soon, we will be asking it questions with unknown answers.
  8. FT Alphaville » Charting CPI:
  9. FT Alphaville » Fix the EFSF – lose the triple-A?: Then they could use all the bits to buy bonds, instead of just 86% of the bits
  10. FT Alphaville » Oil shock-ed
  11. Hedge Funds Reduce Bullish Gold Bets as `Big Boys Are Starting to Get Out’ – Bloomberg: Really?
  12. Apple CEO Jobs Takes Medical Leave, Cook to Fill In – Bloomberg:  Get Well Soon, Steve!
  13. Robert Skidelsky – The relevance of Keynes:  The General Theory slams you over the head with how much it talks about uncertainty and risk.   This is only one of the reasons I like the book and find myself turning to it over and over again for trading related insights.
  14. interfluidity » Endogenize ideology: The dudes I used to beat up on the playground are getting beat up on the playground again because they do not understand the metarules.
  15. United States Map of Title Theory States and Lien Theory States; What’s the difference between a Title and a Lien State?:  Good to know.
  16. Demand Side Blog: Transcript: 419B Non-Events of 2010, Part II:
  17. Macro and Other Market Musings: Is the UK Secretly Targeting NGDP?: This slope of the trend line indicates an average nominal GDP growth rate of 5.3%.  It seems plausible, then, that the Bank of England is actually targeting nominal GDP.  This is not entirely surprising given there are respected economic commentators in the UK like Martin Wolf and Samuel Brittan that endorse the idea.
  18. The Grossman-Stiglitz Paradox | WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com
  19. What the science of human nature can teach us : The New Yorker
  20. The Only Economic Datapoint We’re Going To Worry About This Week
  21. Here’s The #1 Most Clichéd Piece Of Conventional Wisdom That Everyone Believes Right Now: What are the other options?  Screwed now, ok in long run.  Screwed now, screwed in the long run.  Ok in the now, ok in the long run.
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