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Good Design

December 27, 2010

I think about other stuff besides markets occasionally.

One of my pet peeves is semi-articulated in this post about design.  For me, I do not want to know about the inner workings or the potential for most things – I just want them to do something useful immediately.   If I have to read the manual, the product has poor design.

I found this side by side comparison to be very interesting.

Good design is simple to use and understand the first time you pick it up and use it.   Great design has this quality plus the ability to open up new ways of working.

What you are looking at on this blog is the first version of this blog.  I expect the design to be refined as I go along.

One of the issues I am struggling with right now is my desire to have the big picture themes and strategies easily accessible and easy to understand, while maintaining an ongoing, interesting blog.

My first attempt is what you see above, the page titled “Strategic Ideas“.  However, there are really two different sets of strategic ideas that are important to know about any particular author.

First is the “Guiding Principles” set – ideas that guide specific trading strategies.

Second is the “Strategic Exposures” set – exposures that this person wants to take and can be implemented through a variety of specific positions.

I do not have a good way to make these two different sets of ideas clearly stated and easy to understand and connect to individual posts.   But I am working on it.  I am a iterative guy who subscribes to the idea “if it is worth doing, it is worth doing badly” methodology, so expect to see lots of small changes that stagger to a better, easier to read blog.


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