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Soros to fund institute for new economic thought

December 23, 2010

Soros is such an interesting guy.  The fact that he came back into the markets and knocked it out of the park again should put him at the #1 spot for all time best speculator.

Now he is funding a school for new economic thought, because as he says Rational Expectations and the EMH are monopolies, and they do not provide any predictive value.

I wonder if MMT will get any funds?  Steve Keen?   I liked this paper– it goes into the entire rift between the accountants and the musers, and how the musers dominate.   It was my first exposure to Wynne Godley and his amazing balanced stocks and flows tables.  Now – that will be juicy useful for a guy like me, who can use this program here to create feedback models.   Steve Keen’s QED might fit the bill too.

But in any case, I hope the accountants get a bit of support from the new Soros institute.


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