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The Obama Boom?

November 8, 2010

Is the Obama boom right around the corner?   Warren Mosler coined this idea – and it looks like it is starting now.

In one scenario, U.S. economy recovers completely in the next few quarters. The (modest) recovery in small business lending just one of many indicators that are looking up:

  1. Consumer Metrics institute numbers are going up
  2. Demand is picking up: Consumer numbers looking higher from spending
  3. Corporate Profits outside of financial sector high
  4. Government Deficit spending as % of GDP is still high

Still I wonder why people accept such long lags in recovery. The lag in recovery for another year is simply too long!  Mr. Sheperdson predicts August 2011.  And frankly, 3 or 4% growth means nothing – we should get something like 6% for a full year.

We’ve been in a recession for years.

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